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When You’ve Got a Big Job to Fill

As we mix our soils, we screen out larger pieces of black soil, peat, sand, clay and stones, to ensure a uniform blend for your projects. But, these larger pieces, also known as “screenings”, are helpful, too.

Reimer Soil’s screenings are clumps (about the size of golf balls or slightly larger) that are remnants from our Sand Mix. It’s a great product to fill in large spaces, or to build up low-lying areas. Many clients fill an area with screenings before adding a generous top layer of one of our high-quality soil mixes.

Screenings and fill can be difficult to handle. We recommend power machines to work efficiently with this product.


Screenings pictured above. Please note photos serve as a guideline only; variations do occur.

Coverage Chart

Chart determines cubic yards needed for various depths of coverage.

Square Feet12"1"2"3"4"6"1'