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Also known as Pea Gravel, these small, rounded stones come in natural colours such as gray, white, buff, beige and rust. They are popular for playgrounds and effective for dog runs (consider our 10 mm size for larger species so stones don’t get caught in their paws).

Buckshot is an inexpensive and versatile solution. It’s a great choice for driveways and pathways, and it nicely fills spaces between stone pavers and planters. It also serves as effective drainage and an excellent rodent barrier. (Please note it is not suitable for roofing.)

You’ll want to replenish pea gravel every four or five years, as it tends to travel and sink into the ground.

6 mm Buckshot

6 mm

10 mm Buckshot

10 mm

Coverage Chart

Chart determines cubic yardage required for various depths of coverage.

Square Feet12"1"2"3"4"6"1'