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Top Choice All-Purpose Soil

Of all the mixes in our soil inventory, this is our best seller! It is a versatile all-purpose soil that offers effective drainage and a perfect price point. Our customers use the 4-Way Mix with great success in flower beds, gardens, tree and shrub planting, seeding and topdressing lawns.

Our vigorous screening and the high ratio of peat moss keeps this soil light. The dense, black soil offers nutrients; the compost is a fertilization boost for plant growth. Sand provides drainage for plants and keeps the soil loose.

This blend includes spent mushroom compost, which is comprised of hay, straw bedding and poultry litter. Because the chalk content may render it alkaline, we mix this at 10%. Please note there is no cow manure in our compost. The mushroom compost is steam treated to eliminate pests, pathogens and weed seeds, and then incorporated into our mix to take advantage of its unmatched ability to absorb nutrients and water. It also inhibits artillery fungus and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems.

4-Way Mix

4-Way Mix pictured above. Please note photos serve as a guideline only; variations do occur.

Reimer Tips

Topdressing can truly improve the health of your lawn. It improves soil aeration and drainage, and provides new organic material, which in turn creates new shoots and improved root systems.

If you’re using our 4-Way Mix for seeding over an existing lawn, you’ll want ½” to 1” coverage. If you’re seeding a brand new lawn, or using under sod, rake out a generous 3”- 4” of soil coverage.

Coverage Chart

Chart determines cubic yards needed for various depths of coverage.

Square Feet12"1"2"3"4"6"1'