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Grass Seed

Reimer Soils offers two certified grass seed blends, Deluxe and All Purpose. They are designed for our extreme climates, and promote accelerated germination and rapid turf development. Both blends are available for purchase in the bulk bins in our office building, or in larger pre-packaged bags in the customer pick-up section in the yard, available in 5 kg, 10 kg, and 25 kg sizes.


This best-selling mix prefers full sun. It will create a lush space with dark green turf and a fine leaf texture.

All Purpose

A robust premium blend that loves the sun but tolerates partial shade. If you’re working among mature trees, this is the blend for you.

Grass Seed

Coverage Chart

Chart determines approximate lbs needed for various square footages.

Square FeetLbs
1000.44 lbs
5002.22 lbs
1,0004.44 lbs
5,00022.22 lbs

Note: 1 lb. covers about 225 square feet.


For a beautiful, healthy lawn, look no further than our Kentucky Bluegrass sod. We use a mineral soil base, as opposed to peat, because it retains moisture well.

Our sod is available in strips 2’ wide x 5’ long. Purchase just what you need: a few strips, a full pallet of 70 pieces (which covers about 700 square feet), or anything in between. Call before you arrive, to ensure we have enough product to meet your needs, and remember that sod is perishable. It should be laid within 24 hours.

A healthy lawn created from sod offers many benefits. It removes pollutants and other particles from the atmosphere, and helps the soil in its decomposition efforts. Lush grass absorbs sound and can reduce noise pollution by 20-30 per cent! Your lawn will even substantially cool down your yard, thanks to its ability to absorb the heat of the day.


Coverage Chart

Chart determines number of sod pieces needed for various square footages.

Square FeetSod
10010 pieces
50050 pieces
1,000100 pieces
5,000500 pieces

Note: One 2' x 5' sod piece covers about 10 square feet.