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Organic Soil Enhancer

This soil enhancer is a beneficial addition for your flowers, vegetables and potted plants. It will add valuable nutrients, and improve the physical condition of your soil and its ability to process air and water.

Our product is spent mushroom compost, which is comprised of hay and straw and poultry litter. It does not contain cow manure, which means few weeds and cleaner compost. We steam treat our compost to eliminate pests, pathogens and weed seeds, leaving behind its incredible ability to absorb water and nutrients. Our compost inhibits artillery fungus and exhibits no nitrogen draw down problems.

We offer our compost screened and un-screened. If you’re planning to till the compost into your garden, the unscreened will suit your needs. You can also have us mix this in with another soil creating your own unique blend.


Compost pictured above. Please note photos serve as a guideline only; variations do occur.

Coverage Chart

Chart determines cubic yards needed for various depths of coverage.

Square Feet12"1"2"3"4"6"1'