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Lawn Edging

Properly installed lawn edging completes the polished look of your landscaping and can lengthen the longevity of your lawn or garden.

Our product is created from recycled polyethylene with a carbon black concentrate, meaning it is 100% recyclable and ultraviolet stabilized. Our lawn edging is flexible and effective for both straight and curved designs. It also has a rolled upper edge for greater strength and durability.

Our lawn edging is easy to install and very cost-effective, particularly for commercial landscaping projects. We sell 20’ lengths, which includes one connector and four spikes for fastening. Additional connectors (T connectors, 90° connectors, and 45° connectors), corners, pins and stakes are available for purchase in the office.

Weed Barrier Cloth

Reimer Soils offers two weed barrier cloths. Both provide excellent weed control and deterrent, while still allowing air, moisture and nutrients to be absorbed by the soil. We have various sizes available for purchase (see below), and can also cut specific lengths from our large rolls, priced by the foot.

We are so confident in the durability of these two products that we are happy to offer a lifetime guarantee.

Weed Barrier

This woven landscape fabric is specifically designed for professional growers. We recommend using this cloth under rock or decorative products.

Small RollsLarge RollsLarge Rolls for Cut, priced by the foot
3' x 50'3' x 300'3' x 350'
4' x 100'4' x 300'4' x 350'
6' x 300'6' x 350'
8' x 300'
10' x 300'
15' x 300'

Ultra Weed Barrier

Our professional landscaping clients rely on this fabric. In fact, it’s the top-selling cloth barrier across Canada! Designed to be the highest professional grade product, its woven polypropylene fabric is capped with polyester and needle-punched. We recommend this fabric for flower beds and planting areas.

Small RollsLarge Rolls for Cut, priced by the foot
3' x 50'3' x 250'
3' x 100'4' x 250'
4' x 100'6' x 250'
8' x 250'
12' x 250'

Patio Blocks

Our diamond face slab is a great, reliable choice. If you’re in need of quick and/or temporary pathways or utility pads at your job site or in your own yard, you’ll find these blocks easy to transport and install. They are durable and safe and are great for under kiddie pools too!

Three sizes are available at our yard at all times:

  • 18" x 18"
  • 24" x 24"
  • 24" x 30"