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Contractor’s Choice

At 75% black soil, this mix is Reimer’s heaviest soil. Our contractor clients love our 75/25 for building up low lying areas and for use in foundation projects, because its high black soil content makes it less prone to sinking and settling.

This is a great mix to use as a base for laying sod, but please note, its high content of black soil means it contains masses of rich clay. Some of our homeowner clients find the 75/25 Mix difficult to work with. If you’re working new land for the first time, or are in need of a finer product, we recommend our Heavy 4-Way Mix.

This is a heavy-duty foundational mix. We do not recommend it for top dressing soil.

75-25 Mix

75-25 Mix pictured above. Please note photos serve as a guideline only; variations do occur.

Coverage Chart

Chart determines cubic yards needed for various depths of coverage.

Square Feet12"1"2"3"4"6"1'